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Safed musli, also known as white musli, is a widely growing white-colored plant. It is frequently referred to as “white gold” or “Divya aushad”.

Safed musli is widely used to enhance sexual performance and overall health in both men and women. Safed musli is effective in treating erectile dysfunction as well as stress-related sexual difficulties. It also improves both the quality and quantity of sperm due to its spermatogenic, anti-stress, and antioxidant qualities.

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Safed musli is a rare herb from India. It is employed in various traditional medical systems, including Ayurveda, Unani, and homeopathy. safed musli for sports performance, obesity, erectile dysfunction (ED), and other reasons. However, there is no good scientific evidence to support these applications.

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Safed Musli possesses spermatogenic properties, which aid to improve both sperm quality and count. It also raises testosterone levels, which increases blood circulation to the genitals, resulting in longer erections. Thus, it may be useful in male infertility and other sexual diseases, such as erectile dysfunction.

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-> 2 to 4 capsules
-> Adequate water
-> 30 min after a meal
-> Twice a day

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