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Nano curcumin is a herbal remedy that falls within the category of curcuminoids. Curcumin exhibits antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial effects. Nano curcumin is a type of curcumin that has been refined into nanoparticles to improve solubility and absorption in the human body. It is a the nanoformulation of turmeric longa, also known as turmeric.

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Nano curcumin binds and suppresses a variety of proteins, metals, and growth factors, the receptors, proteins, and biomolecules. It lowers inflammation by inhibiting enzymes involved in the creation of inflammatory mediators. It has anticancer properties via controlling gene expression and preventing cancer migration and infiltration.

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Nano curcumin improves brain function, provides antioxidant support, prevents cancer, lowers the risk of heart disease, prevents bacterial and microbial infections, relieves joint pain, improves digestion, cleanses the blood, boosts immunity, and detoxifies the liver.

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-> 2 to 4 capsules
-> Adequate water
-> 30 min after a meal
-> Twice a day

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