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Bhumi Amla’s liver protection, anti-oxidants, and antiviral properties aid in the management of liver diseases and repair any harm done to the liver. By lessening the formation of gastric acid and shielding the stomach lining from harm from too much gastric acid, it also helps to prevent ulcers.

Because Bhumi Amla is a diuretic, it may help lower the likelihood of kidney stones forming. It accomplishes this by encouraging the elimination of salts that cause kidney stones, primarily oxalate crystals.

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One of the greatest herbs for treating liver issues such as liver wounds, jaundice, and poor liver function is bhumi amla. Because of its strengthening and regenerating qualities, Bhumi Amla also aids in liver purification. It also balances Pitta in the body

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The powdered Bhumi Amla is helpful in managing digestive issues including acidity. Its Sita (cool) character, which helps balance an agitated Pitta, is the reason for this. Additionally, it enhances digestion and liver function. As a result, it supports general health.

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-> 2 to 4 capsules
-> Adequate water
-> 30 min after a meal
-> Twice a day

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